Hyvää joulua 2012!

23.12.2012, 0:44  |  Videoblogi

Arkistojen aarteita: Varpunen jouluaamuna -live vuodelta 2002 (Radio Suomipop).

(Pahoittelut tuosta ”videosta”. Olen näköjään unohtanut kuinka editoidaan mitään. -Aki)


  1. Caelan MacIntyre

    Fair enough, Aki, and thanks for your response and pardon my delay. Your English is very good, and certainly better than my Finnish. ;)
    I actually find myself agreeing with you, and suppose that it was just my sense of the potential conceptual connection between those kinds of things and Happoradio’s approach or outlook, and so I decided to mention it.
    Happo’ will of course do what it does and be inspired by what it is inspired by, and so forth. And as usual, I’ll likely appreciate it..

    Cool 360 panorama of you guys in studio by the way. One of the selections is ’Little Planet’… Yes, it Is a little planet…

  2. Caelan MacIntyre

    Since I’m unsure of some lyrics, I wonder if Happoradio has done (or will do?) anything related to stuff like climate change; species extinction; (embedded) nation-state violence (military industrial complexes, forced taxation, the state-as-open-air-prisons, media manipulation/propaganda, etc.); peak oil and other resource depletion; wage-slavery and debt-slavery; job meaninglessness; 99%/1% and increasing wealth divide; land-grabbing; house-flipping; industrial civilizational collapse/decline; environmental destruction; soil depletion and (economic) unsustainability; genetic pollution (example, Monsanto), factory farms and tortured animals for food; and so forth.
    I think Happoradio would be a good ’sound’ for this kind of subject matter in any case. Our specie’s realities seem a fair bit ”lumen alle” already.
    Best and kitos.

    • Aki | We mention ’ilmastonmuutos’ (climate change) in Pohtija but in general, I don’t think it’s our job to sing too much about the politics. I don’t want to teach or preach, just talk about the things I’m interested in. This way, I hope, we can bring comfort and joy to people and make the world a little better place, song by song. This may be a bit childish thought but that’s my real motivation to do this ”job”. The world is run by individuals so making individuals feel better, the world becomes a better place!

      Wow my english is rusty, sry! Hope you get the point anyways…